Monday, 21 March 2011

AFFINITY - Andrew Jay Harvey

It's all too common for people to have the aim of their work being displayed on a gallery wall as simply a promotional tool or a bonus at the end of a long project.  Rarely do photographers think of the white gallery wall as an integral part of their work, an equal partner in the creative process.  Andrew Jay Harvey's work "Affinity" is one of these pieces, he takes advantage of the physical experience exhibition viewing can take;
"My intention was for anyone who was viewing the image to feel as thought they were in an uncomfortable space that would be almost pushing them out of the way. As though the viewer was in the middle of a conversation that they were not part of or in the presence of something that was greater than them. The work is intended to be an experience that you have to witness rather than be able to engage with it by simple viewing it in a book or on a website."

"I created an optical illusion in the center of the image to  increase the feeling of uncertainty about what was going on for the viewer sub-consciously making them more uneasy about what they are witnessing. The images are also mirrored to allude to them having been pulled apart from each other like a giant mould further increasing the feeling of an occupied space..." 

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